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If this is your first time being involved with the VMC, consider this your official welcome! If you are a returning volunteer, welcome back! We are so excited that you are interested in contributing as a volunteer to the VMC family. You might not know this, but the VMC is an organization run by volunteers. We pride ourselves on being able to contribute to the community with our song, dance, and fabulousness!

In General:

As a front of house volunteer, you will be assigned to either the Bar Manager or the Front of House Manager during your attendance at Performance Works.

All Volunteers:

  • Call time for each performance will be 6:00pm for evening shows, 1:00pm for Matinee
  • Dress for the event is:
    • Pressed black pants/skirt, black shirt/blouse
    • Black dress shoes
  • We open the doors to the audience at 7:15pm and the performance starts at 8:00pm
  • There is a 20-minute intermission
  • The performance should end around 10:15 PM
  • Once the performance starts, you may stand at the back of the theatre and watch the show if there is room
  • We ask that you maintain a professional and courteous manner throughout the evening

There are two different volunteer opportunities for you to contribute and the responsibilities are listed below:

1. Bar Volunteer (requires “Special Event Server” or “Serving It Right” certification*)

  • Assist in setting up the bar – beer, liquor, glassware, napkins, etc.
  • Serve drinks (beer, wine), including the preparing and serving the cocktail
  • Collect money, assist in credit card transactions
  • Re-stock the bar from the storeroom
  • Assist in cleaning up the bar at the end of the show
  • Assist the Bar Manager in any other duties assigned to you

*If you are interested in working as a Bar Volunteer and do not have a SES or SIR, the VMC will reimburse the expense of getting your online certification after you have worked your 2nd bar shift.

2. Front of House Volunteer
Front of House Volunteer

  • Assist in setting up / restoring lobby decorations
  • Setting tables in theatre
  • Collect tickets at the door
  • Assist in the ticket booth
  • Partner with another volunteer and sell raffle tickets
  • Guide audience members to their seats in the theatre if required
  • Once the show starts, assist late-comers to their seats at appropriate times
  • Assist in cleaning up the theatre at the end of the show
  • Ready the theatre for the next performance
  • Assist the Front of House Manager in any other duties assigned to you

Sign up instructions
We are looking for 8 people to work the bar per show. If you would like to volunteer for the bar please let us know if you have either a SES or SIR certificate or will be taking the online certification so we can plan properly.

  • Select a show from the list below:
    • Specify whether you are interested in working as Front of House or the Bar
    • Specify whether you have or are interested in getting a SES/SIR.
    • Click “Add to Cart”
  • Click “Continue Shopping” in the shopping cart
  • Select a second show from the list below and “Add to Cart”
  • Optionally select more shows by and “Add to Cart”
  • Click on the “Checkout”  button (there is no actual charge)
  • Fill in your contact details – Please include the name(s) of the Chorus members you know
  • Submit your information. You will receive a confirmation email soon afterwards.
  • You will also receive a reminder email 2 days prior to each performance.

Select Performances to Volunteer (minimum 2 concerts required)