How do the tickets work?

  • Each ticket allows you to login and play the concert on your Smart TV, computer, tablet, or even smart phone!
  • You will receive the link to the concert a few days before the show, along with the instructions on how to access the show.
  • You don’t need any kind of special account to watch the show
  • For ticket holders of the World Premier Live Streaming and the Patron Ticket Deluxe Package, we will be mailing you the House Programme and bonus items.
  • All ticket levels allow you to watch, and re-watch, the show from Dec 20 to Jan 2, an unlimited number of times.
  • There is no limit to how many people can watch the show together, so you need to only buy one ticket per household/gathering.
  • It is an online show, it will never sell out.


  • There are three types of tickets for this special event; every tier adds more bonus perks.
  • All packages comes with All Access viewing from Dec 20, 2020 until Jan 2, 2021 and a digital house programme.
  • Consider adding Raffle Tickets during payment, check out our list of amazing prizes this year!
  • To give us time to ship your items, we recommend purchasing World Premier Live Streaming and Patron Ticket Deluxe Packages on or before November 31st. Packages purchased after that date may not receive their items in time for the Live Stream.


MSB Live Stream: Sat Dec 12 - 7:00
Price: $35.00
Qty :  
MSB All Access: Sun Dec 20 - Sat Jan 2
Price: $20.00
Qty :  
MSB Patron Package: Sat Dec 12 - 7:00
Price: $100.00
Qty :