Open Rehearsals with the VMC

Sept 5, 12, 19 at 7:15 pm
Vancouver Opera Association
1945 McLean Dr, Vancouver (map)

For more information, please email and see below.


Joining the VMC

The Vancouver Men's Chorus is a choral organization that has been merrily bringing together gay men and their friends in song for nearly four decades, boasting more than one thousand alumni. The VMC traditionally performs annual Christmas and Spring concerts, stages fundraising events, appears at other community-related events, and participates in choral festivals elsewhere in North America.

Here is some of the most important information you need to know about joining the group.



The VMC is an organization that requires a certain level of commitment of its members to succeed at delivering top-notch, entertaining concerts to its fans. As a member of the VMC, you will be required to:

  1. Attend weekly Wednesday evening rehearsals, and attend additional Sunday evening rehearsals near concert time.
  2. Attend events during production weeks such as tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performances in June.
  3. Attend an out-of-town weekend retreat in the spring for rehearsal and social events.
  4. Study and learn the show’s repertoire to performance standards.
  5. Pay membership dues of $17.50 per month for your first term (payable lump sum or monthly).
  6. Purchase a tuxedo for performance wear (generally costs about $250).



As you’ll see above, joining the VMC is going to cost about $350 in your first term. We are happy to offer a $75 performance wear subsidy for new members who request it.



The VMC is an auditioned chorus that does expect a minimum musical ability to join. Your audition will be held with only our Artistic Director and President. It will test your basic abilities to match pitch and place your vocal tone through singing scales and a song of your choice. You may bring sheet music, or sing our standard audition piece, O Canada. You do not need to be able to read music to join; you’ll likely find that you will pick it up quickly with us.

The VMC offers its members professional conducting and artistic direction, an exceptionally vibrant social scene, personal and professional development opportunities and many, many ways to be artistically involved through fundraising, event planning, production, choreography, and design of sets, props and costumes.

If you have any questions at all about the chorus, please do not hesitate to ask our Membership Chairman! You can reach him at: